Buying Process

Ready to start looking for your next home-sweet-home?

From helping you determine the type of features you want, to locating a suitable lender, to making the escrow and closing processes as stress-free as possible, here’s how I can help you:

The initial meeting

  • We’ll start by setting search parameters: What type of home are you looking for? Where would you like your new home to be located? Answering these and other questions will make the home search more productive and successful.
  • Next, we’ll find your lender. I can provide you with names of local lenders and help you learn how to become preapproved, an important factor in having your offer accepted.

Finding the Right Home

  • We’ll tour your “home zone” so I can help you identify areas that might be of interest – your target zone.
  • I’ll keep you informed with daily alerts of properties that are for sale, those that have been reduced in price and those that have come back on the market, as well as those that are getting ready to go on the market.
  • What if there are no homes available? I can market directly to the community to locate potential sellers.

Making the Offer

  • Together, we’ll review the property’s disclosures and I’ll provide a current market analysis of value so we can decide on a fair offer.
  • We’ll review the contract and develop a strategy to determine the offer price and terms. Then I’ll negotiate on your behalf to achieve a final contract that features winning terms for you.

Managing the Escrow Process

  • I’ll order the title report and arrange property inspections, then I’ll be present for those inspections and, when necessary, present a revised offer based on the inspectors’ findings.
  • Next, I’ll set up a final walk-through of the property and insure all negotiated repairs are completed prior to the close of escrow.
  • I’ll be with you during the loan signing to help you understand the process and to hand over the keys to your new home.

Happily Ever After

  • Once your closing is complete, I’ll help you locate vendors to help you make upgrades or other renovations so your home is uniquely yours.
  • And of course, I’ll remain available to answer your questions and address your concerns so you feel confident and happy in your new home-sweet-home.

Ready to learn how I can help you find your next home? Let’s talk. Give me a call at 925-444-4300 or call me on my cell at 925-878-6603.