How Green Are You?

Evaluating Your Energy Efficiency

If decreasing your carbon footprint is not a priority for you, it should be. Going green is not just a passing fad- it is an important way to become more eco-friendly so you can care for the earth that supports you.

Are You Green?

If you are unsure what your energy use looks like, you can hire an expert to come to your home and perform a green audit. Environmental service firms, large accounting firms, and certain nonprofits offer these services.

Understanding A Green Build

A green building is not just one that uses the right light bulbs. Rather, a building is considered green when it uses water, energy, and other resources efficiently, protects the health of the people who inhabit the building, is made of durable, sustainably-sourced materials and has the means to reduce pollution and waste.

Where Are You Good At Green?

Do a walkthrough of your home. Is your insulation functioning properly? Are your appliances on power strips enabling them to be easily unplugged when not in use? Have you implemented energy efficient light bulbs or low flow appliances? Appraise your home and give yourself kudos where you have maximized your green measures.

Where Can You Improve?

If your professional audit and self-appraisal leave you worrying about your environmental impact, fear not. A few simple changes can help you go greener. Install programmable thermostats that will reduce your use of heating and cooling systems at night, CFL and LED bulbs, low-flow fixtures, energy efficient appliances, and sustainably sourced materials to make your home more eco-friendly.

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