Design Trends: Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

Water conservation is making the headlines as California experiences one of its worst droughts. Our beautiful planet deserves to be cared for and therefore it is crucial that we reduce our water intake and do our part to make a difference. There are a variety of landscaping options you can choose from to better the planet. Consider planting some of these drought-tolerant plants and flowers to both beautify your yard and promote water conservation:

  • Desert Beardtongue: This Perennial requires minimal watering due to its New Mexico origin. This beautiful perennial attracts an abundance of wildlife and only requires a deep watering every couple of weeks to survive.
  • Violet Cloud Skullcap: This purple flower loves living in the sun with well-draining soil.
  • Hummingbird Trumpet: Hence the name, this beautiful orange-red tubular flowered plant attracts hummingbirds. It survives best with afternoon shade and sun half of the day.
  • Shallowtail Columbine: This gorgeous plant loves to enjoy both the sun and the shade during the day. With large yellow flowers and long spurs, this plant spans about two feet tall and nearly two feet wide.
  • Lewisia Cotyledon “Sunset Strain:” This beautiful plant comprised of pink and orange hues survives well in rock gardens that have excellent drainage.
  • Hardy Ice Plant: Filled with evergreen foliage and bright purple flowers, this plan survives well in well-draining soil in direct sunlight.
  • Cape Blanco: If you are looking to eliminate the need to water your lawn, plant these as a great, beautiful groundcover. These thirst-less succulents will thrive in drought conditions.

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