EMF Electromagnetic Field Exposure

While technological advancements have proven to provide us with convenience in our everyday tasks and errands, the electromagnetic field exposure that we are experiencing as a result may be consequential. This is a growing concern that we must address immediately, as nobody is expecting technological advancements to slow down any time soon.

While the exact health impacts of electromagnetic field exposure are continuing to be researched, it is apparent that our daily use of technology is making some adverse effect. With over 5 billion subscriptions to mobile telephones worldwide, the International Agency for Research on Cancer is worried that mobile telephone use may prove to be carcinogenic to humans after further studies are conducted. Additionally, those in the market for a new home may want to keep power line distance and underground plumbing materials in mind. Power lines that are both underground and above ground are known for emitting electromagnetic fields. Additionally, if the plumbing of the home or surrounding homes are made of older metal materials, they too may be emitting harmful electromagnetic fields.

As society has transferred over to depending on technology over the years, it becomes nearly impossible for many to reduce their electromagnetic field exposure. Electromagnetic field exposure occurs on a daily basis, as we depend on these technologies in medical settings, telecommunications, entertainment, and at work. Medical professionals depend on these potentially dangerous items to diagnosis and treat patients on a daily basis. At home, we are exposed to electromagnetic fields while we heat our food and talk to our loved ones.

The International EMF Project is continuing to stress the importance of continuous research, so that we can identify which, if any, health risks we are being exposed to. Additionally, the EMF Project strives to identify any gaps in knowledge to determine if additional research needs to be conducted. Further research will allow us to determine if electromagnetic field exposure should be a top concern of home buyers.

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