Optimal Security & Function with the Simple Click of a Button

The Benefits of Utilizing Home Automation

Technology has made its way into our lives, providing us with convenience, accessibility, and most importantly, peace of mind. When it comes to securing the home of your dreams to the fullest, going smart may be the way to go. Far too many homeowners fail to take advantage of all the benefits our smartphones provide to our homes, including home automation. I recommend utilizing these smart apps and devices in your home:

  • Smart Thermostats – The creators of the iPod recently launched a new home automation device called Nest. This smart thermostat directly connects to your smartphone using Wi-Fi to control the temperature of your home. Left the house in a rush and did not have the time to turn off the air conditioner? No problem! Simply change the temperature with a click of a button.
  • Home Security – Lockitron is an impressive new application that allows you to not only lock and unlock your home, but it also allows you to send time sensitive keys through your smartphone to friends or family that need immediate access into your home. Additionally, any foul play will be immediately brought to your attention through an instant notification from your smartphone to both you and the authorities.
  • Pet Care – Have a meeting that is running late and cannot feed the pups? Just use your smartphone and the task will be complete without you having to run out on an important client.
  • Vivint – This device allows you to control nearly all of your home’s functions with one device. This amazing new technology allows you to control your appliances, lights, solar panels, and security systems with the simple click of a button.

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