Prepare Your Home For Your New Year Move

The New Year is the perfect time for resolutions, and a fresh start. If you have decided to sell your current home in 2015, it’s time to start thinking about how you will prepare for the move. The more organization and planning that you put into your transition, the smoother it will go.  Here are a few things to think about before the end of the year gets even closer.

  • Contact a local realtor to determine the current market value of your home and discuss what improvements you may want to make prior to marketing your home, to assure you sell for top dollar.
  • If you don’t already know where you want to transition to, ask your realtor for help determining good options for your next move. Start taking time to investigate areas of interest early, so you know where to buy when the time is right.
  • Mentally prepare for the inevitable separation between you and your current home. Try to get excited about the new place, and be ready to let go of old memories.
  • You will be asked to cut down on the clutter, so start going through your belongings ahead of time and gift or donate items you will not need in your next home. This will also help decrease the amount of stuff you will have to move from one home to the other.
  • Make sure that your cabinets and closets are neatly organized. Since buyers will most likely take a peek inside to see what the storage space is like, you want these areas to appear as spacious as possible. If you start early and take on one cabinet or closet a day, it won’t be an overwhelming task.
  • Consider having your inspections prior to putting your home on the market. This will help you avoid surprises that can cause you to lose buyers. Knowing issues affecting your property early allows you to make repairs that can assure you reach the highest possible sales price for your home.

For additional selling advice, please give Stella Tsakonas a call.