Thinking of Buying? Act Now!

Real Estate Predictions for 2015 Are you one of the many individuals waiting for the absolute perfect moment to purchase a home? Unfortunately, if you wait any longer you may be joining the thousands of individuals who missed favorable conditions due to worries of imperfections. In order for buyers to [Read more…]

All You Need To Know About Escrow Accounts

If you are not yet a homeowner, you may not be familiar with an escrow account. Escrow accounts are bank accounts managed by your mortgage lender that are used to finance your insurance and property taxes. When you pay your monthly mortgage payment, you will also make a payment to [Read more…]

Pick The Correct Colors For Your Walls!

The color you decide to paint your home has been proven to have a huge effect on your day-to-day mood! With this being said, it may be beneficial to take a little extra time when selecting hues. You need to know what specific influence different colors have over the ambiance [Read more…]

Save The Date: The 19th Annual Lafayette Art, Wine, And Music Festival!

Sadly, summer is coming to a close. Why not use this as an excuse to celebrate? Clear your calendars for Saturday, September 20th and Sunday, September 21st because it is time for the 19th Annual Lafayette Art, Wine, and Music Festival! The festival is one of the largest to take place in all [Read more…]

6 Benefits Of Working With a Local Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent to handle your most important purchase does not have to be a daunting task. While there are a variety of factors necessary for consideration when it comes to choosing the perfect real estate agent, one of the most important factors is experience. Specifically, experience in [Read more…]

10 Water Conservation Tips for California Residents

California’s increasingly worsening drought conditions are calling for all residents to do their part and save our beautiful state. Water conservation is easy to do and truly makes a difference. Incorporate these 10 water conservation tips into your daily routine to save California: Did you know about 75% of household [Read more…]

Design Trends: Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

Water conservation is making the headlines as California experiences one of its worst droughts. Our beautiful planet deserves to be cared for and therefore it is crucial that we reduce our water intake and do our part to make a difference. There are a variety of landscaping options you can [Read more…]