Great Advice for First Time Buyers or Anyone Looking to Buy!

This article is FANTASTIC for anyone looking to buy a home for the first time or even someone who has been through the process before.  It provides you with a timeline and accurate expectations of the entire process! READ ME!

2015 Housing Market and Insight to 2016!

Check out this brief article on the link below that sums up the 2015 housing market and shares insights to 2016.    

Hiking And Biking Trails In Contra Costa County

Get Outside And Get Moving By Hitting These Trails If you are like many Americans, your list of New Year’s resolutions was marked by a commitment to improve your health and well being this year. Going to the gym can seem tedious, however, so try swap journeying down one of [Read more…]

What Will Retirement Look Like For You?

How Downsizing Or Moving To A Retirement County Could Be A Fit For You As you enter your golden years, it is an exciting time to think about all of the freedom your retirement will offer you. What exciting new hobbies will you discover? Where will you travel? It can [Read more…]

Yoga And Pilates Studios In Contra Costa County

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How Green Are You?

Evaluating Your Energy Efficiency If decreasing your carbon footprint is not a priority for you, it should be. Going green is not just a passing fad- it is an important way to become more eco-friendly so you can care for the earth that supports you. Are You Green? If you [Read more…]

Optimal Security & Function with the Simple Click of a Button

The Benefits of Utilizing Home Automation Technology has made its way into our lives, providing us with convenience, accessibility, and most importantly, peace of mind. When it comes to securing the home of your dreams to the fullest, going smart may be the way to go. Far too many homeowners [Read more…]