Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season

Are You and Your Home Ready for the Holiday Season?

December is here, which means it is time to conduct a few vital home maintenance tasks to make for a cleaner and more pleasant living space for the holiday season. With the excitement of the holidays taking over, this may seem daunting, however, once you complete the following tasks, you can enjoy the holidays without a worry in the world.

  • When decorating for the holidays, try to stick with natural decorations. This means using acorns and pinecones from your backyard to create beautiful and festive centerpieces and a wreath for the front door. Often, a centerpiece filled with pomegranates and pinecones gives off more aesthetic appeal than bright lights and bows.
  • Looking to give back this holiday season while sprucing up your home? Clean out your pantry and freezer and donate any unused goods to your local food pantry. Giving back to those who need it most during the holidays will bring a smile to both you and them.
  • Since the rain is finally starting to make its appearance on our dry California grounds, now is the perfect time to check your sump pump to ensure proper functioning so that your basement does not flood.
  • Since the family will likely be conversing in the kitchen as you prepare holiday meals, conducting a deep cleaning and donating any unused goods or products will allow you to cook and converse in a clean environment.
  • Speaking of giving back and enjoying a fresh environment now is a great time to organize your closet and donate any items you have not worn in years. This will not only make room for holiday gifts you may receive, but it will also make for an amazing holiday for someone in need receiving those gifts.

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