Which Buyer Is Best? What Sellers Need To Know About How Their Buyers Will Pay For Their Home!

Selling a home can be a very stressful experience. In addition to getting the home ready for the market, and dealing with showings, sellers can also undergo stress when trying to determine how to choose between buyer offers.

Is A Cash Only Offer Better Than One That Involves A Mortgage?

A cash offer can be very beneficial because it removes the possibility of having problems at closing because the buyer is unable to qualify for their mortgage. However, cash offers tend to be lower than financed offers, particularly if the buyer is an investor.

Financed offers account for a large percentage of modern home sale transactions. Sellers can avoid losing these deals by having their agent pre-screen the viewers for credit-worthiness. In addition, sellers can insist that buyers furnish a firmly worded loan approval letter, before considering their offer. The listing agent can offer excellent advice for homeowners in these situations.

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