Your Search For Childcare Information, Made Easy

Is it time for you to start thinking about preschool in Lafayette, Moraga or Orinda?   If you are, you’re in luck, as there are a number of wonderful preschools to choose from.   To make your life easier, I have compiled a list of some of what my clients believe are the best preschools in the area, along with important information you may want to know.

  • Growing Tree Preschool in Moraga strives to help children find their inner confidence, and reach their full potential. Registration for new families will begin on March 16th of next year. The rate for 5 days of childcare is $782, and rates will decrease by approximately 150 dollars for each day less than 5. The school can be found at 1695 Canyon Road in Moraga.
  • Creative Playhouse, Inc. offers year-round enrollment. This is great for those of you who may be moving in the middle of the year. This preschool offers special classes for your little ones including gymnastics, Spanish, and a world music discovery class. The school is located at 1350 Moraga Way in Moraga.
  • Fountainhead Montessori school is praised for its dedicated and experienced teachers. Tuition for Fountainhead is billed in 10 installments. The price of each installment will vary based on how many days your child will attend each week. You can expect to pay anywhere from $519 to $844. The school will hold a parent information night for registration questions in the middle of March. It is located at 30 Santa Maria Way in Orinda.
  • Seedlings Preschool strives to provide children with play-based learning opportunities which will tend to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of each young child. Although you are not required to be a member of the Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church to attend, members do have the luxury of enjoying priority registration. Seedlings is located at the church on Knox Drive in Lafayette.
  • The Orinda Preschool, more commonly known as TOPS, is a parent participation preschool that is dedicated to providing a learning environment that allows preschool children to thrive. Tuition ranges from $261 to $657 per month, depending on your class decision. Head over to Irwin Way in Orinda to enjoy a tour of this highly respected preschool.
  • Diablo Valley Montessori School works off of its philosophy known as the “Montessori Method.” With the value that early childhood is the time in which each child forms qualities that will make up the individual they will become, this learning environment strives to reveal each child’s full potential. Located on Deer Hill Road in Lafayette, this well renowned preschool will provide your child with an exciting place to learn each day.

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